Dark Mysteries of the Deep: Ancient Divers and their Dangerous Journeys

It is not known who first braved cold, dark waters to explore, or gather rare, natural treasures or food, but divers have been retrieving items from beneath the water’s surface since the dawn of man. In antiquity the only way to explore the mysterious underwater world was to hold one’s breath and jump – and see what danger awaited.

The Mysterious Tjipetir Blocks – Dark Slabs with Cryptic Writing Found on Beaches Across Europe

A woman was walking along the sea on a beach in Cornwall, England in 2012, when she by chance spotted a dark tablet in the sand, inscribed with a strange word – TJIPETIR. Without knowing it at the time, she’d stumbled upon a phenomenon that many others had been experiencing across Europe for decades. They were all now involved in the mystery of the Tjipetir blocks.