Spectacular Peruvian Rope Bridge, last of its kind, carries forward tradition of the Inca

Every year, communities in Peru carry out an ancient tradition that stems back to the age of the Incan Civilization. Considered a sacred expression of ritual, history and renewal, Peruvians annually spend three days weaving the Q’eswachaka rope bridge to cross one of the many gaps in the ancient Incan road system. The bridge is the last of its kind.

First Ever Evidence for Ancient Bone Surgery found in Peru – Holes Drilled in Legs

Sometimes worse than the illness, the ancient procedure of drilling holes into skull was an attempt to relieve physical ailments and mental illness believed to be caused by evil spirits. Now researchers have found evidence in Peru that drilling surgery wasn’t limited to skulls, and was used to treat other body parts as well.

Nazca lines ripped up by quarrying operations in Peru

(2013)  A mining company has reportedly destroyed a portion of the world famous Nazca Lines, a World Heritage Site. El Comercio, a Peruvian news publication, reported the destruction last month. The article stated that some of the ancient limestone lines had been destroyed by the mining company Gálveze during the creation of quarries to accessContinue reading “Nazca lines ripped up by quarrying operations in Peru”