Poison: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly

For thousands of years poisons have been both a deadly threat and a protective tool used around the world. Poisons have played a dominant role in our history and legends, persisting both as evil potions and curative antidotes. Vital medicines we rely on today have roots in the diabolical concoctions of antiquity. Poisons are characterizedContinue reading “Poison: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly”

Incredible Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

Humans in their hectic, day-to-day lives are often too busy rushing about to pause and reflect; to stop, look up, and gaze at the beautiful sky. But perhaps we should pay more attention to matters above, because history shows that when we least expect it, strange things can fall out of the sky and changeContinue reading “Incredible Things That Have Fallen From the Sky”

In urban areas bees are making hives out of plastic

A new study has been released that shows that bees in urban areas are building their nests out of plastic. The study observing the ecology of modern bees, as reported in EcoSphere, has surprised the scientific community with its findings. “Bee nests are sometimes constructed within hollow twigs or other similarly constricted natural cavities, butContinue reading “In urban areas bees are making hives out of plastic”