70 Million Mummified Animals in Egypt Reveal Dark Secret of Ancient Mummy Industry

Ancient Egypt’s “dark secret” has been revealed by researchers looking into to a staggering 70 million mummified animals. The bodies were found in underground catacombs across Egypt.

Art, Meds, and Fuel—The Surprising Historical Uses of Ancient Mummies

Mummies, unlike other human remains, are even now regarded as special, exciting artifacts. However, it was not too long ago that mummies were used in unconventional ways—as drugs, as entertainment, and perhaps even as fuel.

Ancient ritual artifact found in Chinese Cemetery reveals glue made 3,500 years ago

A remarkable cemetery in China is renowned for its rich trove of mummies and artifacts, and it has now given up another secret of the ages; the oldest glue ever found in China. Dating back 3,500 years, the adhesive tells researchers a new story of ancient manufacturing.

Ancient Remains: Iron Age Necromancy on the Bones of the Dead?

In 2012 ancient remains were discovered in a bog in Denmark – not an uncommon occurrence. However, after examining the bones, archaeologists were startled by what appeared to be a brutal desecration of the skeletal remains. The macabre discovery tested what we thought we knew about the rituals and beliefs of Iron Age man. ArchaeologistsContinue reading “Ancient Remains: Iron Age Necromancy on the Bones of the Dead?”

Ancient Ink: Mummies and Their Amazing Tattoos

Tattoos have played a role in the lives of prehistoric and modern man alike. Societal status, art, religion, and medicine all create a tradition in tattoo design that spans across centuries and around the globe. Depending on the times and culture, body art was considered to be lowly and barbaric, or a signifier of veryContinue reading “Ancient Ink: Mummies and Their Amazing Tattoos”

It Came From the Bog

Ancient dead bodies and rare treasures are found in bogs to the horror of some and the amazement of others The murky depths of a mossy peat bog can preserve ancient relics and conceal evidence of strange and disturbing archaic rituals. The low-oxygen, high-acid environment of peat bogs found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany,Continue reading “It Came From the Bog”