Golf – The Ancient Origins and Hidden Beginnings of a World-Wide Sport

What are the ancient origins of golf? Historians agree Scotland was where modern golf established itself, but the ancient ball and stick tradition goes back thousands of years, and researchers still try to understand the tangled history.

Earliest ancient Chinese musical instruments unearthed in tomb complex

Ancient musical instruments have been unearthed from a tomb complex in China dating back thousands of years. Some of the instruments are the earliest known of their kind, and are changing what researchers know about the area and musical development of the time.

Ancient ritual artifact found in Chinese Cemetery reveals glue made 3,500 years ago

A remarkable cemetery in China is renowned for its rich trove of mummies and artifacts, and it has now given up another secret of the ages; the oldest glue ever found in China. Dating back 3,500 years, the adhesive tells researchers a new story of ancient manufacturing.