Poison: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly

For thousands of years poisons have been both a deadly threat and a protective tool used around the world. Poisons have played a dominant role in our history and legends, persisting both as evil potions and curative antidotes. Vital medicines we rely on today have roots in the diabolical concoctions of antiquity. Poisons are characterizedContinue reading “Poison: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly”

Have Botanists Unlocked the Secret of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript?

The Voynich Manuscript has long been a subject of fascination. It presents beautiful illustrations of people and plants, and a cryptic cipher that has for long gone unsolved. The Voynich Manuscript, of unknown author and origin, is an old book filled with hand drawn and elaborate images of stars, plants, and alchemical secrets. It isContinue reading “Have Botanists Unlocked the Secret of the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript?”