It’s Made From People! The Various Ways We Make Products out of Humans

Cannibalism isn’t what it used to be – some people believe free range humans should be on the menu! Companies explore human food and services opportunities.

Does Bimini Road Lead to The Lost Civilization of Atlantis?

Off the coast of Bimini lies an ancient stone formation submerged beneath crystal blue waters. The mysterious path makes many wonder if it is remnants of the mythical lost land of Atlantis. Researchers, geologists, archaeologists, and scientists alike have visited and studied the huge, flat stones off the coast of Bimini, known as the BiminiContinue reading “Does Bimini Road Lead to The Lost Civilization of Atlantis?”

Extraordinary: Woman’s Missing Brain Surprises Doctors

When a 24 year old Chinese woman approached doctors complaining of nausea and dizziness, none of them could have expected what an extraordinary case they were dealing with. A brain scan revealed something shocking– part of the woman’s brain was missing. The young woman had lived normally for two decades, but had experienced dizziness andContinue reading “Extraordinary: Woman’s Missing Brain Surprises Doctors”

Cloning: The Science of Resurrection

What do woolly mammoths, pandas, and John Lennon have in common? Someone out there wants them cloned. And depending on how quickly science and biotechnology develops, that might come about sooner rather than later. Cloning is the process of creating an exact genetic replica of an organism. We have cloned animals in the past, butContinue reading “Cloning: The Science of Resurrection”

The Strange Things We Shoot into Space

It’s official – humanity loves shooting things into space. Over the course of human space exploration we’ve shipped many strange things into our upper atmosphere and beyond in the name of curiosity, discovery, and science. This was demonstrated most recently through the art exhibit, Exobiotanica. Japanese artist Azuma Makoto launched a large helium balloon intoContinue reading “The Strange Things We Shoot into Space”