The Malagana Treasure: Gold and Greed, A Lost Civilization Plundered

When a Colombian sugarcane plantation worker and his tractor plunged into a hole which had suddenly opened up in the earth, the spectacular discovery would lead to a large-scale looting frenzy, murder, and the destruction of ancient artifacts and tombs from a rich, mysterious, unknown culture.

Relics from the Niuheliang Goddess Temple, the most mysterious site of the ancient Hongshan

The Hongshan underground Goddess Temple housed beautiful and mysterious relics of unknown deities, and larger-than-life statues. Uncovered in 1983, the sprawling archaeological dig at Niuheliang has revealed ritual sites, stone circles, and graves filled with jade artifacts.

Earliest ancient Chinese musical instruments unearthed in tomb complex

Ancient musical instruments have been unearthed from a tomb complex in China dating back thousands of years. Some of the instruments are the earliest known of their kind, and are changing what researchers know about the area and musical development of the time.