Oath of Silence Protects Amazing 500-Year-Old Diving Bell Used to Visit Sunken Roman Vessels

A vow of silence has protected the mystery behind an ingenious invention for nearly 500 years. The secrets behind an amazing diving bell, a technical marvel which allowed men to stay underwater for hours at a time, might predate others by 200 years.

70 Million Mummified Animals in Egypt Reveal Dark Secret of Ancient Mummy Industry

Ancient Egypt’s “dark secret” has been revealed by researchers looking into to a staggering 70 million mummified animals. The bodies were found in underground catacombs across Egypt.

Elfdalian, the Ancient Viking Forest Language of Sweden, Set to be Revived

The ancient Viking language of Elfdalian which sounds like it was crafted by Tolkien himself, has been almost entirely wiped out. Now people fight to revive the elf-like historic tongue by teaching it to children before it vanishes completely.

Ancient Myths and Legends Served to Explain the Startling Phenomenon of Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse was so traumatic or ‘unnatural’ to humanity that since prehistoric times myths and legends have sprung up throughout cultures in attempts to explain the event, or at least protect against it.

Spectacular Peruvian Rope Bridge, last of its kind, carries forward tradition of the Inca

Every year, communities in Peru carry out an ancient tradition that stems back to the age of the Incan Civilization. Considered a sacred expression of ritual, history and renewal, Peruvians annually spend three days weaving the Q’eswachaka rope bridge to cross one of the many gaps in the ancient Incan road system. The bridge is the last of its kind.

Ancient Egyptian mummies found floating in sewage water in Egypt

Two mummies complete with sarcophagi were retrieved from dirty sewage water where they’d been found floating near El Minya, Egypt. The mummies were located this week by police after being spotted floating in the polluted water. The colorfully painted sarcophagi have now all but disintegrated.

Relics from the Niuheliang Goddess Temple, the most mysterious site of the ancient Hongshan

The Hongshan underground Goddess Temple housed beautiful and mysterious relics of unknown deities, and larger-than-life statues. Uncovered in 1983, the sprawling archaeological dig at Niuheliang has revealed ritual sites, stone circles, and graves filled with jade artifacts.

First Ever Evidence for Ancient Bone Surgery found in Peru – Holes Drilled in Legs

Sometimes worse than the illness, the ancient procedure of drilling holes into skull was an attempt to relieve physical ailments and mental illness believed to be caused by evil spirits. Now researchers have found evidence in Peru that drilling surgery wasn’t limited to skulls, and was used to treat other body parts as well.

Bones of Children Found on Canadian Beach Reveal Tragedy of Irish Famine

More than 150 years ago a great famine gripped Ireland, and men, women and children starved in poverty. Ultimately, scholars would estimate the death toll at one million. Now bones belonging to children have been discovered on a beach in Canada, their condition underscoring the desperate circumstances many Irish people fled during the Irish Hunger of the 1840s.

Speakers at Science Congress say ancient India mastered advanced space flight thousands of years ago

A radical paper presented at a prestigious science conference in India has caused recent controversy. The paper claims human aviation and advanced space flight was achieved and mastered by the ancient Indians, thousands of years before the Wright brothers in 1903. Vedic texts – Hindu religious scripts – are said to describe the advanced technology that has now been lost.