Deadly Volcanoes: The Eruptions that Reshaped the World and Became Legends – Part II

The ancients witnessed the awesome and raw power of erupting volcanoes, and sent out warnings through time in the form of religion lessons, myths, legends and chronicles.

Deadly Volcanoes: The Eruptions that Reshaped the World and Became Legends – Part I

When man grows overconfident in his importance, mother nature, or the gods, seem to remind mankind who is really in charge. Or so it may have seemed to the ancients, who witnessed the awesome and raw power of erupting volcanoes…

Body Snatchers and Tortured Spirits: The Dark History of the South Bridge Vaults of Edinburgh

Beneath the ancient fortified city of Edinburgh, Scotland lies notorious underground tunnels and chambers which became the dwelling places of the impoverished and the villainous. Prostitution, poverty, violence, and illness consumed the vaults, and infamous serial killers hid their dirty work in the stone recesses.

70 Million Mummified Animals in Egypt Reveal Dark Secret of Ancient Mummy Industry

Ancient Egypt’s “dark secret” has been revealed by researchers looking into to a staggering 70 million mummified animals. The bodies were found in underground catacombs across Egypt.

The Devastating and Diabolical Ancient Origins of Biological Warfare

History paints a bleak picture of the devastating effects that disease, contamination, or poison can have on humans. Mankind has harassed biological weapons, and used them against enemies since prehistoric times – with deadly results.

The Bloody History of a Waxworks Museum: Madame Tussaud and Her Eerie Creations

  Many people delight in the spectacle of wax museums. Others cringe and feel uneasy around the unmoving, but uncannily lifelike figures. Wax museums, sometimes called waxworks, display collections of wax sculptures molded to portray historical figures, royalty, celebrities, and other notable individuals. Some museums will feature a “Chamber of Horrors,” showcasing heinous criminals orContinue reading “The Bloody History of a Waxworks Museum: Madame Tussaud and Her Eerie Creations”

Ancient Egyptian mummies found floating in sewage water in Egypt

Two mummies complete with sarcophagi were retrieved from dirty sewage water where they’d been found floating near El Minya, Egypt. The mummies were located this week by police after being spotted floating in the polluted water. The colorfully painted sarcophagi have now all but disintegrated.

Relics from the Niuheliang Goddess Temple, the most mysterious site of the ancient Hongshan

The Hongshan underground Goddess Temple housed beautiful and mysterious relics of unknown deities, and larger-than-life statues. Uncovered in 1983, the sprawling archaeological dig at Niuheliang has revealed ritual sites, stone circles, and graves filled with jade artifacts.

First Ever Evidence for Ancient Bone Surgery found in Peru – Holes Drilled in Legs

Sometimes worse than the illness, the ancient procedure of drilling holes into skull was an attempt to relieve physical ailments and mental illness believed to be caused by evil spirits. Now researchers have found evidence in Peru that drilling surgery wasn’t limited to skulls, and was used to treat other body parts as well.

Art, Meds, and Fuel—The Surprising Historical Uses of Ancient Mummies

Mummies, unlike other human remains, are even now regarded as special, exciting artifacts. However, it was not too long ago that mummies were used in unconventional ways—as drugs, as entertainment, and perhaps even as fuel.