Liz Leafloor is an Editor, Writer, Blogger and Designer based in Canada.

Having worked in online media for years, Liz covers exciting and interesting topics for online publications and blogs. She is an editor for popular archaeology and history site Ancient Origins, and is contributing writer for international news media organization Epoch Times.

Liz does game art design for an indie games development team at The DevPit.

Twitter @LeafloorLiz


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  1. (Ms Leafloor,
    sorry I don’t know how to write a letter through WordPress, and I have one. Below is a comment I just posted, twice on “Your paper”, cause I hadn’t yet found this… please use it, expand, whatever as you see fit, if you think it’s worth it… Thanks for the compliment last time, but please don’t give me any, and, destroy this when you’re finished)

    An interesting point about Elephants and the Americas is that they are,usually, thought to have died out there about 12,000 years ago, all be it, this find is believed to be 10,000 years old.
    A solid gold plate thought to be Mayan (2000 BC) shows a Pyramid, which has depicted on either side a Jaguar
    (“Lion of the Americas”) and
    strangely enough Elephants at the sides.
    This begs the question, did Elephants continue in the Americas thousands of years later than zoology is aware of, or is the Pyramid building culture of the Americas much older than archaeologists and historians are prepared to consider.
    The remaining option is that Africans, who were known in ancient America, showed the artist images or drew the Elephants onto the plaques themselves.
    The Pyramids of the Americas have many similarities to those on the African continent, Egypt & Nubia (today’s Sudan)
    Elephants were sacred in ancient Egypt, so much so that, only twice were they used as hieroglyphs,
    much the same as a God’s Name which is rarely uttered, because of it’s sacredness.
    One of the two Egyptian drawings of an Elephant is at Dendera, near Thebes / Nowe / Luxor, there the Elephant is preceded by a Snake, the Cobra.
    It will be noted that above the Pyramid on the American plate are two, naturally, flying Snakes.
    Recently found “hidden” drawings in the Cambodian Temples of Angor Wat, depict, among other things, Elephants.
    Anywhere the Elephant is found in ancient culture, it is held as sacred in some way.
    Today we are becoming aware of it’s great intelligence.
    Just as the Pharaoh wore the Negus / Neka (Snake) on the crown, so too, the trunk of the Elephant may be held to represent the Snake and all it’s Mystical Godlike Powers.

    This comment and link to the article is scooped at
    and a bigger copy of the picture is at

  2. Dear Liz: We read your article on ancient origins about the tracks in Turkey. Our research over the past six years also concludes that intelligent life on earth is millions of years old. However, we have used plate tectonics to date various sites.

    Our research indicates that the underwater pyramid in the Azores is 28.5 million years old, the cities on the Yucatan are 66 million years old and the megalithic block wall in Siberia built with blocks of 4 to 8 million pounds each has to be over 425 million years old.

    May we suggest that you look over our blog and email us with your questions. You will have to scroll through the whole blog to learn how we dated some of the sites but it will be worth your while. Best Wishes, Mr. Black.

    Blog: http://black2tell.wordpress.com. Email: black2tell@yahoo.com.

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